“G” Family – Fun Announcement


So much fun!! I got to be apart of the announcement for the “G” family to their two boys that had no idea! In fact, it took some discussions prior to grasp why their shirts said what they did.

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Once both big brothers realized there was another baby on the way, the joy appeared upon their faces. You could really tell how much this news meant to them at the prime age of 7 & 9.


Congrats “G” family. Can’t wait to meet the new bundle of joy.



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The “C” Family Portraits – 2017

Not only did we luck out with the weather on this portrait session, as it was freezing yesterday while I was going around to locate the best spot with the most foliage left in Eastern CT for this session, this family was a blast to work with.

The amount of love and compassion of one of another was truly present. Even when the little’s started to fade.


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This is what “true love” looks like


Be sure to check out the full gallery for the “C” family.

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Apples & More Apples – “S” Family

Gotta love apple picking adventures. Even though we had one of the crankiest 2 year old, it was still worth the few images captured.

Gotta try again for a more “official” photo shoot.


“S” Family Photo shoot – Fall Retreat

My boys are getting to be older and I try to keep them little as long as possible for they will not want to do these photos when they are “pre-teen”, or maybe they will. One can only hope.

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“S” Family – {Pa & Grandma visit}

It’s always fun to photograph all my families, including my own. Always remember the grandparents, because those memories can go by fast and you may wish you got more captured.

Here is a sneak peak of grandpa & grandma “S” in the country side of Vermont

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“S” Family Fall Portraits – This is “Me”


So, every year I do what most do, and drag my family out typically in the fall to take our yearly photos. This year we were lucky enough to be visiting with my dad in VT where the backdrop of scenery is just breathtaking.



As I was taking these photos, I realized I did a lot of what my clients do that I try to encourage against, when trying to get photos done and not having cooperating “models”, aka, our children, and then go about threatening to take things away or bribing them if they just get this one shot, something is waiting for them at home etc, (typically some sort of treat).

Or, another very popular request, please try not to get me in the shot, focus on the kids, I am not where I want to be for weight. Trust me, I totally get it, however, our kids are going to ask “where is mom” or “where is dad”, if we keep avoiding the front of the lens, they wont have anything to look back at.

I have a 7 year old and a 2 year old, my 7 year old is a bit more of a pro than my 2 year old, as he’s had a lot of years in “front” of the camera compared to his brother. So my 7 year old is a bit more photogenic and has a bit longer attention span.



Maybe, it’s a lot easier for me to be calm and understanding with someone else’s family vs. mine, or the pressure isn’t there on my end (as I didn’t just pay a session fee). But I totally get it, I did the EXACT same thing with my two & husband.

My goal on my next family shoot, be easy on my kids, threaten less, stop bribing and make more of a game for my two goofballs, because being in the moment and enjoying the adventure is what it is all about.

I mean, we are trying to capture memories, and standing still, or all eyes looking at the camera doesn’t have to be the “way” it should be for family photo shoots.

Just keep being you!!