Creating Memories for a Lifetime

As a mom, I am very lucky to have the abilities to capture the moments that most do not have the abilities to do on their own. As a working mom, I know time is very limited to always have the ability to prepare cute setups and props. As a home owner and supporting a family of four, I know cost can be tough for getting those “professional” photos taken.

With all the aspects of knowing and going through the same situations as most, I am putting myself out there to help those that would enjoy and appreciate the work that I do, all without sacrificing the needs in every day life.

I want to be able to give those that don’t think they can afford such keepsakes, a fighting chance.

It makes me cringe when I see people spending gobs of money with a big named company, thinking that the small up front fee is all they will have to pay to get the photos that have been taken, when that is never the case, then end up spending DOUBLE-TRIPLE just to get the photos. Before you go this route, always think of the smaller guy that has a family to take care of, versus putting money in some CEO’s pocket, that can careless of your needs and wants. I am also not saying go for the cheaper photographer (or so they say they are a photographer – when it is just a person with a camera). Just make good choices when going for your families cherished memories.

“As a mom, I do care about making sure your memories are cherished and captured how you see them everyday and making sure you do not have to break the bank to do so.”

All my packages come with “something”, it may not be every single photograph I take, but you will not be spending your hard earned money to see your images online, and then not be able to afford to have them to keep in your memory books.

~ Enjoy ~

Love always, Becky

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